More career perspectives and job security for junior teachers and postdocs

More career perspectives and job security for junior teachers and postdocs

The university will be extending the temporary contracts of junior teachers (Teacher 3 and Teacher 4) and postdocs (Researcher 3 and Researcher 4) on a structural basis. There will also be a greater focus on opportunities for personal development within these positions. If you are a teacher or researcher with a PhD, and a lecturer position becomes available in your field, or a related field, at the institution where you work, you will be invited to attend an interview or selection interview. If you and any external applicants are equally suitable, you will be given priority over them. The same applies when teachers apply for permanent teaching positions. A teacher who meets the job requirements will have priority over any external applicants.

Junior teachers

You will be offered an employment contract for a period of four to six years with ample opportunity for development, and – if applicable – the opportunity to gain the University Teaching Qualification (Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs, BKO). If you are considering teaching, you will be able to easily transfer to a job in other educational sectors. Are you considering an academic career? In that case you can spend six years in an appointment combining working as junior teacher and as researcher or PhD candidate. You will also have the opportunity to gain your teaching qualification more quickly via an expedited customised work training programme or a shorter teacher training programme. Appendix M provides further details about your career perspectives and the value of the University Teaching Qualification (BKO).


In order to increase your chances on the job market, the university offers the opportunity (time and training) to learn how to write grant applications. If you are considering a career as assistant professor, associate professor or professor, you will be given the opportunity to obtain the required teaching qualifications. Following a temporary contract of no more than four years or a longer single contract, you can make agreements with your university which benefit your job security and career perspectives in the longer term. The university can subsequently offer you a permanent contract linked to a research project. Further details can be found in Appendix E.16 and Appendix M of the collective labour agreement CAO-NU.

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