Ancillary work

Ancillary work

There is often no strict divide between our professional and private lives. Sometimes the university may ask you to work more, or to support other activities in a manner not specified in your employment contract. Likewise, you may perform ancillary work in your spare time. The CAO therefore sets out some regulations regarding work outside of your regular employment.

Alternative duties

The university is allowed to ask you to perform alternative duties, but only if it can be reasonably expected of you given your personal circumstances. In the event of a strike, the university cannot ask you to do the work of any colleagues who are on strike.

Ancillary work

If you perform any work outside your job at the university, you are obliged to notify the university. Your employer will examine whether the work is at odds with the interests of the university. If there is no conflict, you will receive permission to perform this ancillary work outside working hours. The protection of the trust in scientific integrity, business secrets, the interests of the university and the health and safety of the employee and in order to avoid violation of the Working Hours Act are just a few reasons why you might be denied permission to do ancillary work. Additional procedures or rules are laid down in a uniform arrangement for the university sector that applies to all universities in the Netherlands. More information can be found on the website of Universities of the Netherlands.


To learn more about the agreements regarding overtime, please see the Remuneration page.

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