Maternity leave

Maternity leave

If you become pregnant it is important to know what your entitlements are, how much leave you will receive from the university and how your pregnancy will affect the agreements in your employment contract.

Leave during and after pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you are entitled to at least 16 weeks of fully paid leave, regardless of how long you have been working at the university. Your leave is made up of two components. The first is called ‘pre-maternity leave’, which generally commences at six (and no fewer than four) weeks prior to your due date. While you are recovering from childbirth, you are entitled to ‘post-maternity’ leave. This lasts at least ten weeks, but may be longer if your child was born earlier than expected. Articles 4.10 and 4.11 of the CAO describe the remaining applicable conditions.

Certificate of pregnancy

Your employer will appreciate being informed of your pregnancy as soon as possible – please aim to do this no later than three weeks before you wish to start maternity leave. Your employer requires a certificate of pregnancy in order to organise your maternity leave. Download the form for a certificate of pregnancy from the UWV website and have your doctor or obstetrician fill it in.

Function-based contract

If you have a function-based contract, your 16-week maternity leave will affect the agreements made with your supervisor. You may be unable to fulfil certain agreements due to taking a break from work. If this is the case, meet with your supervisor so that you can adjust the performance criteria in your contract together.

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