Working hours

Working hours

The university’s working and rest hours are set out in the CAO. It is also possible to arrange for flexible working hours to make it easier for you to combine your professional and private life.


You are obliged to observe the working and rest hours that are set out in Article 4.2 of the CAO, which states that you may not work more than five days a week. These days must also be successive, if possible. When setting your working hours, the university aims to take your personal circumstances into consideration as much as possible.

Variable working week

It is possible to arrange more flexible working hours with your employer, or consult with your supervisor on altering the number of hours you work per week. A full-time working week consists of 38 hours, which may be shortened or lengthened in exchange for more or less leave. Your employer may decline such a request if it conflicts with the interests of the university’s operations or if you participate in the Vitality Pact. Article 5.6 of the CAO outlines the remaining conditions and Appendix G contains an overview of possible alternative arrangements and the associated consequences for leave.

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