Vitality pact scheme

Vitality pact scheme

The vitality pact scheme is intended by the university to allow you to reach pension age in good health. Read here what the scheme entails.

Structure of the scheme

If you have a full-time contract and have five years before you reach state pension age, you are entitled to reduce your working week to four or three days. If you have a part-time contract, you can do so in equal proportion. Depending on the scheme you choose, you will receive one or two days of special leave per week with partial continued payment of your salary. If you are in scale 1 to 7, you will receive the following as of 1 August 2023: 90% per cent of gross pay in the event of four days (previously: 85%) or 80% of gross pay in the event of three days (previously: 70%). You will also retain five weeks of leave. Your pension accrual will remain unchanged, although you will receive fewer days’ leave. Further details can be found in Article 6.13 of the collective labour agreement CAO-NU.

Conditions for participating

You can start to participate in the scheme from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2021. The conditions for participating can be found in Art. 6.15 of the collective labour agreement CAO-NU. The manner in which the shorter working week is scheduled can be found in Art. 6.14.

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