To continue performing well, it is important to take breaks at the right times. Read about the regulations for accruing and taking holidays.

Accruing holiday hours

If you have a full-time job with a 38-hour working week, you are entitled to 232 holiday hours per calendar year. Your university’s website or intranet can tell you whether you are subject to any additional regulations.

Holiday accrual during illness

If you are ill, you will continue to accrue just as many holidays as the rest of your colleagues. You must also take holidays while ill. Your manager and the university’s medical officer are responsible for making sure that you use your holiday hours.

Taking holidays

If you wish to plan a holiday, always discuss this with your employer. Your employer may only refuse your proposed holiday if it will have a demonstrable adverse effect on the institution, e.g. due to teaching or examination periods. If you do not propose any holidays yourself before July 1st, your employer may schedule a holiday on your behalf, comprising of up to four times the number of hours in your average working week.

Transferring holidays

If you do not use all of your accrued holidays in a single calendar year, the remaining hours can be transferred to the following year. These leftover hours will expire after 6 months, unless you make alternative arrangements on time with your employer. To prevent you from accumulating too many holiday hours, your employer may consult with you to schedule a holiday for you. This is because it may be detrimental to the university if you take too much holiday at once.

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