If you would like the opportunity to recharge your batteries and boost your research by freeing yourself of teaching-related or administrative obligations for a while, you may want to consider a sabbatical. Sabbatical leave is an interruption of your professional activities for a certain length of time. Read about what this type of leave entails and the conditions you must satisfy.

Making agreements

A sabbatical is a long period of leave that you devote to improving your employability, e.g. by undertaking study or training. Be sure to submit your sabbatical application well ahead of time. If it is approved, you will meet with your employer to agree on exactly how you will spend it, the length of the leave period and any applicable conditions. For example, you will agree on whether your employer will continue to pay your salary and/or pension contributions, and whether you will use any of your accrued holiday hours towards your leave period.


If you use any of your accrued holiday hours towards a sabbatical that will benefit the university, you will receive a bonus. Article 4.23 of the CAO NU contains an overview of all conditions applicable to sabbatical leave.

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