Appraisal interview

Appraisal interview

The university will hold an interview with you at least once a year, to discuss your performance and well-being. This is how the university monitors the quality and welfare of its employees.

Discussing performance

At least once a year, your immediate superior will meet with you to discuss your recent performance, how you will perform your job moving forward and what your career plans are. During this interview, you will both discuss your physical and mental well-being, your employability and your motivation. Agreements and personal development plans will also be recorded in writing and signed.



Your supervisor will periodically assess your performance in your job. This assessment may form part of your appraisal interview, and will follow a fixed procedure. Part of this procedure requires you to read and confirm the assessment with your signature.


Doctoral students

If you are a doctoral student with a temporary employment contract at the university, you and your supervisor will draw up a study and supervision plan within three months of your starting the programme. At the end of your first year, this plan will be evaluated and modified as needed. It will set out the knowledge and skills you are expected to develop, who your doctoral thesis supervisor and general supervisor are, and the number of hours of personal supervision you are entitled to. Article 6.9 of the CAO outlines all of the applicable conditions.

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