The university aims to ensure that its employees’ knowledge and skills remain as relevant as possible to the labour market. Your employer therefore offers a wide range of opportunities for you to receive training or pursue studies.


Knowledge and skills

Keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date will maximise your opportunities, both within the university sector and beyond. This is a shared obligation and responsibility for you and the university. You are entitled to at least two development days per year, to work on your long-term employability.


Development days

The number of development days you are entitled to will depend on the nature of your job. These days are intended for training and education activities that will allow you to develop within or beyond the scope of your position at the university, or outside the university. You must consult with your manager on how you wish to spend your development days, which cannot be sold or used as holidays. Development days can also be used for training activities as part of a long-term personnel policy, as a part of your work placement in a different post at the university, or for additional training. Read about all the conditions in Article 6.10 of the CAO.

Doctoral students

During their employment, doctoral candidates can do a work placement of no longer than six months. Your employment contract will be interrupted temporarily. After the work placement, your employment contract will resume or will be extended in line with the duration and number of working hours of the work placement.


Current job training

The university may oblige you to complete additional study or training if required for the proper performance of your current or future job. Your employer will cover the costs of any such training and will give you leave to attend.

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