Termination of employment

Termination of employment

If your employment contract will end soon, it is advisable to make some preparations beforehand. Below, you can read about your rights and the options available to you.

Temporary employment

If you have a temporary employment contract, your employer must inform you in writing at least one month prior to the expiry date whether the contract will be extended or not.

The following general rules apply:

  • Temporary contracts may be issued three times.
  • You may enter into temporary contracts for an uninterrupted period of no more than three years if you are an academic staff member, and for an uninterrupted period of no more than one year if you are a member of support or management staff.
  • After that, your employer can only continue to employ you under a permanent contract.
  • If you cease to work for an employer for more than six months between two temporary contracts, the three-year period will be interrupted and a new temporary contract will start a new three-year period.

The Employment contracts page explains how often and for how long a period universities may extend an employment contract.


Will you be unemployed soon? The Unemployment page provides information on which benefits you are entitled to and how you can apply for them.


In some situations, you will be able to utilise the Early Retirement Scheme (RVU). The pension agreement stipulates that, up to and including 31 December 2025, the RVU will not apply in the event of the early retirement of staff members up to the maximum amount linked to the gross AOW for single people. This is subject to the condition that employment ends in the three years before a staff member reaches the state pension age. See Article 6.12a of the collective labour agreement for more information about RVU options.

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